A journey to the soul…

At Soul Stretch Brixton, you’ll find: small yoga classes, super-friendly family vibes, zero judgment, hugs on tap, less thinking more feeling, and… Fairylights. Say no more.

Try your first month (1 class a week) for £30! If you don’t enjoy it, we’ll refund you every penny.


‘Before coming to Soul Stretch, I got stressed really easily and I was quite down on myself a lot of the time. I also didn’t really have a form of exercise that I really connected with or really enjoyed. I didn’t realise what a difference yoga would make because I always thought of it as an exercise class… But since coming to these classes, that’s really changed! It’s something I take time out to do for myself. I feel way less stressed, I’m better at managing negative thoughts, and I feel really strong physically! The best thing about coming here is the positive mental attitude it gives you, and just taking time out for yourself.’

-Lydia, Brixton