What to expect from a Soul Stretch yoga class



Physically, both strength and flexibility will be explored and developed as we move through creative dynamic Vinyasa flow sequences (always run to an awesome soundtrack), with some pausing in deep stretches throughout to open out the tight bits. Delightful.

Yes, you’ll get a good work-out! But although we have a different physical focus each week, our attention at Soul Stretch does not start and end with the body. Given that London has recently been labelled by Time Out as the 'UK's most anxious city', Soul Stretch's real passion and intention is to guide those who need it to find their inner peace, calmness and connection, through teaching yoga in a way that is accessible and current, helping you to deal with real life off the mat. Expect a strong focus on breath to draw you into a state of moving meditation, and encouragement throughout to think less, feel more. And not forgetting the fun!




Yoga is a journey, and a commitment. If you commit to yourself and making positive changes, you'll see amazing results. Over time;

Physically; Expect your strength, fitness levels and flexibility to improve! Classes can be as easy or as hard as you make them. 

Mentally; Expect to be able to face life off the mat with an increasing sense of peace and calm. Stress won't seem so stressful. Things that used to bother you won't seem to matter so much. Positive thoughts will begin to replace the negative ones. You won't snap at your mum when she asks you the same thing for the fourth time in one hour.



We are a judgment-free zone - no one cares about how 'good' or 'bad' you are here! This is YOUR time and space to just BE. Family vibes. Hugs encouraged. Chatting to your neighbour before class is the norm. (We even have our own Facebook group, it's true.) Care and attention is given to the whole surrounding environment to create a sensory, immersive experience; with gentle lighting, candles, incense, a carefully selected playlist designed to move you into a deeper meditative state and a relaxing essential oils head massage to bring the practice to a close. Mmm...



the vision

Yoga is just the beginning! There are lots of magical ideas and dreams on the horizon for Soul Stretch… If you’re ready to start a special journey with us, pull up a mat!

‘Yoga isn't about being able to touch your toes; it's about what you learn on the way down'.