Meet Holly; founder of Soul Stretch, bringer of positive vibes and avid mermaid fan! Beyond Soul Stretch, she shares her teaching and crystal sound healing across top London studios including Equinox, Heartcore and 3Tribes.


what did life look like before yoga? 


After studying English at uni, I dropped out of secondary school teaching (hats off to all the school teachers out there), took off travelling round the world for a few months to lose myself/find myself like a typical twenty-something year old Brit, then somehow found myself in a girl band shortly after I returned..! Good times. Having come from a dance background, I began teaching dance fitness alongside all of the touring, gigging, and studio sessions, and after the band split, it became a full-time thing. But as much as I loved it, on some level, I never felt completely aligned with the industry... To be honest, I came to view the whole fitness world in London as being so focused on the external/how we all look on the outside (just look at the front page of any newsagents magazine), with barely any acknowledgement given to our inner worlds. I got caught up in the comparison game, spending hours on the social media scroll through people finding all sorts of ways to project a perfect ‘Insta-worthy’ life – but it’s just not reality! We all know it deep down. Anxieties and worries are developed and buried in an attempt to stay ahead, to fit in, to be ‘good enough’… No wonder London has been named the UK's most anxious city! Whilst the 'positivity' epidemic was in full swing, at the time, I was feeling anything but positive... I was searching for something more.




So how did you become a yoga teacher?

I found the something more… Over a particularly difficult period, I found practicing yoga to be a peaceful outlet which encouraged me to look at myself from the inside out –  something that life up until then hadn't ever given me much opportunity to do, given that I'd been in several relationships since 15 years old! Actually, yoga became my new boyfriend - I fell totally in love! Since my first class, it's always given me the space to just breathe; in every sense of the word. Yoga is so much more than the physical work-out it’s sometimes disguised as; it begins to shape the way you live your life and can allow you to learn to connect, love fully, and be your true self. A full yoga teaching training was an inevitable next step to equip me with the skills to share this practice with a world I knew was calling out for it. After a couple of years of becoming addicted to the feeling of helping people find their peace through teaching yoga, Soul Stretch was born.



What kind of teacher would you describe yourself as?

It’s taken me a little while to find my own individual teaching style and ‘voice’… And I’m still on that journey! I’ve been to a lot of yoga classes and experienced a lot of different teachers, and what always shines through is authenticity – just being yourself. And laughing off your mistakes, which is great, because still haven’t quite nailed my lefts and rights yet… I’d say I'm relatable and fairly normal. I love the woo woo but work to keep myself grounded (until the crystal bowls spin me off to another planet…) I’m not into ‘right or wrong’ – I stand at the front and teach what I know (and there's always more to know), but ultimately the best lesson I can give is to encourage students to be their own best teachers. There’s a very wise one inside all of us.

Any last words?

Yes - words of gratitude, not only to my teachers, but to my students, who also teach me so much! I’m on my own journey too; forever making mistakes, wobbling over, getting back up again, and finding new ways to make the whole thing wonderful. I love that we're all learning and growing together in this expanding Soul Stretch family.

Would love to meet you soon!

Holly x