Here's what some of our students are saying...


“Feeling amazingly energised and peaceful after a Soul Stretch yoga class – you don’t want to miss out on this!" Olivia

"I really feel as though I’ve improved so much! These classes have helped me so much psychologically... I honestly don’t know how I’d have got through this without yoga, and it’s lit a fire within me to improve myself and be happy this year!" Katy

Claudia, Soul Stretcher

"Always very upbeat, positive and reflective. A great, challenging yoga class. Buzzing!" Kate

"Thank you as always for the encouragement... And for pushing me to face my fears and run towards them with all my heart. Everything feels so great after class. I can't hear those little negative "what ifs" anymore!" Claudia

Lydia, Soul Stretcher

"At the start I just saw yoga as a way of getting more flexible and stronger. But now it's become so much more than that. I'm getting so much more out of life now, so I can't thank you enough." Lara

“Today  wasn’t a great day for me – I wanted to kill everyone around me! But after class I came back happy and with a clear mind.” Gabriella

"THANK YOU for being such a positive influence in my life! Since I've started at Soul Stretch, I've felt so much more motivated to generally improve my health and fitness and mind and body - and it's all because you give so much. Every single class. It's the highlight of my week!" Claire

"There was something really special about class tonight. Thanks so much... That focus on fear was very timely. Just what I needed." Georgia

“Great yoga class – challenging and relaxing at the same time. Magic!” Victoria

“Can’t recommend this enough – my new weekly yoga session is one of my favourite times of the week! It feels like a workout but is also relaxing and reinvigorating, plus the encouragement and support helps me feel like I’m becoming a proper little yoga bunny despite being pretty much a beginner! The head massage at the end of the class is an added bonus! If you’re in the SW London area can’t recommend Soul Stretch enough – without a doubt the best yoga classes I’ve been to!” Sonia